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Frank was out for a stroll on the fourth of July when he got busted by the local constables. No one came to bail an old gent out, so we were contacted as a last resort. Stiff and ancient Frank had a custom dog house so he didn't have to bend too much. He bounded with joy for his year of comfort in retirement.
Russel is also a hunting dog rescue. Left at the shelter in a coma after his frustrated hunting human tried to "teach" him to not be gun shy. He lived to rehabilitate as our first TBI pup. He trotted at a list, barked with abandon at every bird he could find, and held a point on them until praised, he remembered birds and love of humans. What a great lesson in forgiveness and grace. Thank-you Russel for the happiness you gave us.
Scamper was just old. Her time was up on Christmas eve 2011. We were called as a gesture as the shelter thought she was too old to live very long. She was pain free and active for a year. Being a typical Beagle she rarely listened, loved often, and slept all the time she could. We miss her presence in our home, sleep well old pal.
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