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This page is dedicated to our friends that passed on.We will see them all on the next journey.
Brickley was our first "old dog." A "biter" she was thrown away when the baby was born. Ten years old at rescue she shared seven joy filled years with us.
Belle was left at the shelter,she was "found" at the local school yard. Ten years old her "family" brought her in as a stray...darned old microchips. We were gifted everyday with her woofle and a wag so big her body shook. Love was her gift to us everyday.
Ahh fat Charlie. Loved almost to death by his guardian, who finally came to terms with not being able to care for Charles. He was HUGE of body and heart and soul. He left us a slimmer but no less enthusiastic soul, loved and cherished buy his forever family.
Max was a favorite hunting dog until two young dogs replaced him. His guardian believed that dogs were no good as "just pets."  We showed him, our Max deaf as a post learned sign language and was a cherished "pet" for the rest of his life.
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