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pet projects

One of our ongoing projects is the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Towards that goal we have installed a Skystream 3.7 wind generator on a seventy foot tilt up tower. Our ranch is in the designated wind corridor which is a class five wind zone. Our generator produces on average 400 KWs of electricity per month. The next phase of this project is to install a 2.4 KW solar panel system. Our valley averages five hours of sunlight per day. Also we are in the designing stages for a solar water heater to work in conjunction with our tankless water heater we have installed.  

Another pet project of ours is Brittney rescue. We have worked alongside both major Brittney rescue organizations over the last six years. We have help place over 40 dogs to new forever homes and now have 7 dogs of our own. All of our dogs are rescue from death row dogs. The most spectacular rescue is a small French Brittney that we found starving to death on a back road on the island of Naxos in Greece. Four days after we found and rescued this little guy we took him to the vet to start the process of bringing him home to our ranch in Ellensburg. At that time he weighed 5.5 kilos or 12.125 pounds. He now weighs about 30 pounds and is happy and healthy, and a forever part of our herd. We continue to work with our local animal shelter to take in elderly dogs that cannot be adopted out.

We are also concerned with living in harmony with the plants and animals that are native to our ranch. To this end we don't allow outside grazing or any form of hunting on our ranch. The coyotes, deer, elk, great horned owls, redtail hawks, and all species of plant can live without fear of man encroaching on their habitat. What we are blessed with is a ranch teaming with life and God's beauty.
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