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Saddle Mountain Ranch is pleased to be able to present the finest in large mammoth stock. We have been producing and showing these magnificent animals for the past eighteen years. We were formerly known as Devil's Gulch Ranch. We showed and bred many quality mules and mammoths. We relocated to central Washington State where we continued our breeding program to produce fifteen hand, and above, black with white points, mammoth jacks and jennets. My husband Jeff McCroskey and I have been working diligently with the help of Paula Thompson, Our veterinarian, to sustain the bloodlines and desirable traits we value in the mammoth breed.
Our jennets, jacks and geldings are all 15hh or larger. I have had the pleasure of saddle breaking many generations of their offspring and find that both the mules and donkeys produced from our lines are highly versatile and athletic. I hope you enjoy the pictures and descriptions that are our legacy in the breeding of this wonderful breed of animals. Please feel free to inquire anytime about anything related to our mammoths and I will respond to the best of my ability or pass you on to someone who can assist you.

May all your donkey dreams come true,  Happy trails!!!

Christine and Jeff McCroskey
28001 Vantage Hwy, Ellensburg Wa 98926

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